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Your thoughts are holding you back. Here's how to shift them

Sep 02, 2022

"When we are no longer capable of changing a situation, we face the challenge of changing ourselves" Viktor Frankl. Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist.

Feeling overloaded because there is too much change at once? Feeling uncertain about what next week could hold never mind next year? It is so normal to feel challenges and fearful right now but how are you dealing with it? 

One of my favourite mottos that has stood me well is " it's not what happens it is how we deal with it." So...

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Struggling to achieve your goals? Here's why and what you can do to about it

Sep 15, 2020

Ever struggled to achieve a goal?

You're not alone. Goal setting is a great way to keep your end point in mind while you work towards it. Goals are concrete and fixed. They are like crossing the finish line - the race is only finished when you've got to that point. The actual definition of the word goal is an 'aim or desired result', something you achieve or don't.

Setting goals work well for things with clearly defined objectives. You plan the steps and move from one to the...

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