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You deserve a life and business that lights you up 


Life and Business Alchemy 


with your "Courage Coach and Mentor" Alexandra Worsley

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Business + Life Coaching

Get the life, work and spiritual fulfilment you want with proven VITAL® strategies and support that inspires you to do business in an authentic and easier way.

More money, clients and magic flow to you

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Wellbeing Choices at Work

Put your personal wellbeing at the heart of everything you do. Use the Wellbeing CHOICES® foundations to create a strategy that works best for you

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The Work/Life Revolution

Working culture is changing. What is emerging and what can you do help yourself and to lead the way. Experts and leaders share their opinions and solutions on WLR®. 

Lets stop surviving and start thriving

Find new possibilities

Right now, are you exactly where you hoped you'd be?

Do you know deep down that you're not fulfilling your potential?
Used to have passion for what you do and now it has gone?
Has reaching your goals/targets felt overwhelming?
Setting personal/business goals but falling off the wagon too easily?
Have you tried different "fixes" but none of them are working?
Suffering from Sunday night dread?
Do you want to work less and get more done?
Do you wake up excited about the day ahead?
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It's my life's purpose to inspire and support you to commit to a higher version of what you can be and do and go and blooming create it.

Here are the 4 areas of transformation I would love to work with you on:

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Develop your life and business vision. Define what is important to you and the personalised strategies and formulas to get you there 

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Upgrade your health and wellness skillset to make your health a priority. Creating inner peace and energy to drive you forward

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Optimise and find balance in your environment; your home, relationships and money need time and attention to flow and grow

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Master your mindset and leadership skills to face life's challenges head on. Get the courage to breakthrough and transform any limiting beliefs and self-doubt for good 

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Struggling to achieve your goals? Here's why and what you can do to...

The beginners guide to meditation

5 steps to take you from burnout to balance

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