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Bringing together 20 YEARS of passion and dedication to wellbeing, business, and energy work. Revealing some of the best breakthrough and transformational work to support entrepreneurs like you to build a heart-led SOULFUL LIFE AND BUSINESS with SOFT POWER, inner calm, excitement, and ease... 


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Receive GOLDEN NUGGETS, insights, and inspirations to ignite your "soft" power, magic, and business wisdom so that you can create the easy soulful business you desire.

  • Find proven business strategies as you define your signature offer, pricing, branding and attract clients with ease.
  • Get really good with your time management. Find your flow, find balance, and inner calm using the experience and expertise that has been honed through working with entrepreneurs like you since 2004.
  • Discover wellness upgrades to make sure you have the energy to deliver your mission and intentions
  • Get money mindset tools and intuition development practises and rituals to strengthen your power of attraction.
  • Get clarity and support, with a experienced sounding board to bring your ideas to life and build "that" business you REALLY WANT. You know... the work you were born to do that sparks abundance, joy, passion... and GOLD!

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My Amazing Coaches and Mentors

I couldn't do this work without learning from the best! You will receive the combined wisdom of mentors that I work with now or have had the privilege to work with, learn from, and distill over the last two decades into an amazing path to prosperity. Including, to name just a few:

  • Bob Proctor: mastering your prosperity mindset
  • Kendall Summerhawk: money breakthrough business coach training
  • Daniel Priestly from Dent: building a solid business strategy and concept
  • One of Many: women's coaching tools for leaders of change 
  • Jeff Walker: marketing mastery mastermind
  • Tony Robins and Dean Graziozi: Business Mastery

I'll share experience of my own journey and that of my clients, putting all this into practise growing several AWARD WINNING 6 figure lifestyle businesses.

Connect with your personal power

Your business is a mind, body, and soul experience. It is an extension of you. And you need support that combines personal and business development so that you can align your business to prosper authentically to give you energy, motivation, and ease... 

Whether you are just starting out or have tired and failed or just aren't where you want to be, it would be an honour to be your guide, coach, and mentor to hold your hand through this changing time. Where you feel safe to be uncomfortable and vulnerable so you can transform yourself and your business. Allowing you to find calm in your heart, strengthen your intuition and resilience, and build the courage to take bold moves - one step at a time. So you can harness your personal power and money making magic skills as you bring your soulful business plan to life. Your MAGIC is ready to be revealed. 

Isn't it time you soared?


It's exciting times...

Allow it to be incredible...

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