What does work-life balance mean and why is it important?

Apr 17, 2023

What does work-life balance actually mean?

There are many definitions out there describing work - life balance. What I have learnt working with so many clients over the past decade, is that it's about a feeling of being in control which then creates a feeling of security and safety, and that is different for everyone. When that's in place you move from - just trying to survive and find “balance” - to fulfilling your potential and feeling fulfilled. It is about designing a way of living and a lifestyle that evokes a feeling of calm, where everything just flows. 

Whether you are a business owner or an employee and you are reading this, there are actually some core needs and foundations to building your unique “work life balance”. They are the same for everyone. I have seen a pattern and based on that, I have created The 5 foundations to developing your unique work life balance creating more energy and wealth as you go!

It's then about finding your "centre" and inner balance based on these 5 foundations. This creates a ripple effect into all areas of your work and life. How you "do" your work and how you "live" your life are based on understanding them. Because all the choices we make come from them! 

It's about finding your centre amongst the life challenges you face. The calm in the sometimes stormy seas. It does not mean a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means creating these strong foundations so that in the midst of all of the challenges that you can still feel peace in your heart and find calm in the chaos.

That's how I have come to face work and life and it is what I want for you too.

It then starts to become less about balance and control of what's going on in your life and more about making authentic work - life choices coming from a place of inner balance and presence. Living from the inside - out which allows you to feel good about yourself (most!) of the time. Self doubt and fears hold less of a grip and everything gets easier.

Why is it important we all figure this out?

Because the shaping of our work life culture is changing drastically it's impacted our businesses and our home life in really challenging ways (and if it hasn't then I don't believe you!). It still hasn't become clear how to navigate these times whether you are a small business or a large corporation - it's grey. I believe if we all individually focused on self - leadership and our ability to create our own work - life balance then, clarity will come. The chaos in this is a gift and a curse at the same time. It is offering us an opportunity to create a new way to work and live. I believe businesses have a responsibility to lead the way here and by getting behind supporting each person to discover their own individual flow and work life balance the business will be more innovative and have the energy and creativity to make more impact and profit. Customers and clients it supports will have a better customer experience. Businesses are at the heart of all communities, so your community thrives and so on.

The ripples from one individual being the change whether a business owner and entre-preneur or an employee and intra-preneur. If you are reading this you are a “ preneur”, a catalyst to create change. You are someone who is inspired to create a new way of working and living and embrace every challenge for its development and success. It just takes one person in one business to start it. So calling all preners! Do you want to be the person to lead the change?

What is in it for you?

More passion and energy? Abundance with absolute ease? Do you want more productive days? Better relationships and more love? And to finish your day knowing that the community or business you are involved in is better off for your contribution today? That “ I have got this” vibe. 

So what are these foundations?

Click here to take my “work life balance” quiz to discover these foundations and where you score on each so you know where to start to bring more flow, and “ I have got this’ vibe to your day.

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