Alex's 10 reasons you might have a lack of focus or motivation WFH

Jul 21, 2020

Our research is telling us so far that people are feeling more stressed working from home. This is causing all sorts of new problems and challenges which we are here to help with - lack of focus and motivation is one of them.

Here are my top 10 reasons that may be causing a lack of motivation for you working from home:

  1. Poor boundary setting and finding a work life balance is definitely harder if you are working from home. Unable to juggle all the balls and finding that work blends too much into life plans and vice versa. We call it "the creeps"!
  2. Burn out. Feeling drained and tired? Uninspired and lost creativity? Headaches or intestinal issues? Or feeling like work is your main source of stress right now? These are all symptoms of burnout and you might be so used to working like this that you don't notice the signs. 
  3. Maybe you think can sort it out on your own. Perhaps you are not asking for help or are suffering in silence? It takes courage to speak up. Or you think you know what you need? There's a big difference between knowing what you need and doing it and you need support to close the gap. If you could do it on your own wouldn't you have already done it by now?
  4. Perhaps you don't know where to start to help yourself gain more focus and motivation- there is an overwhelming amount of information in the wellbeing world now and it's difficult to know what's going to work for you. You don't have time to try to find the answers on your own. 
  5. Or you may have forced yourself to do things in the past, "pushed through" and made yourself unwell or feel worse. You are out of sync with your own personal flow.
  6. Perhaps you have tried some solutions and its not gone well or you haven't had a good experience. You could be using the wrong strategy for you or missing a key piece of information that clicks it all into place.
  7. You may have come up with 101 excuses and distractions because you're resisting change - waiting for inspiration is one of the biggest procrastinations!
  8. Are you rewarding yourself or celebrating your achievements? There are good ways to reward yourself that increase motivation, but some 'rewards' are actually counter-intuitive and can definitely leave you feeling worse off.
  9. Do you need to learn to say 'no' more often? Is people-pleasing draining your valuable energy resources - taking away your energy that could be used for making the changes you want to make.
  10. You are feeling lonely and isolated from others. Research tells us being connected socially plays a big part in keeping us motivated. 

There are a lot more reasons you may be finding you are suffering with lack of focus or motivation especially at this time.

Ultimately, the comfort zone is where you want to be when the going gets tough. No change or goals are met there - you have got to stretch yourself to reach where you're aiming for. Doing this in the current climate takes courage- at the moment our focus is on keeping safe, which make it harder to step out of our comfort zone... so how do you break through? What's the ultimate solution?


"Myself and a fab group of talented people that I know and trust are here to support you to make the changes you need to make to lead the work life you REALLY want.

Giving you on-going coaching with tried and tested strategies to create your own unique work life revolution rule book. Getting your wellbeing foundations in place, and uncovering your motive for action and creating a personalised roadmap to achieving your goals. 

This unrivalled personal development programme brings together 17 years of training and experience that I have learnt and now want to share with you so you can have the great results that I have had. It is designed to help you to create a working day at home that lights you up and create a life that makes you feel good everyday. Yes everyday! - teaching you to flip a bad day into a good one so quickly and be full of focus, motivation, passion and purpose. "

We are offering you an opportunity to become part of it. Whether that is on a 1:1 basis with Alex herself or with a small group of like minded people.  

Give Alex a call to find out if you would be a good fit for the programme or not. Either way it will be worth picking up the phone and having a quick chat. I'd love to hear from you and support you one way or the other - and if its not a fit I may be able to point you in the direction of could be a better fit. Either way it will be a valuable call to help you move forward.


With Love,

Alex 🌟


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