Feeling stuck in a rut? Here's what you're doing wrong.

careers life Sep 08, 2020

We all know that we want to feel happy and fulfilled, but often the things we try to get us there actually take us further in the other direction. Taking holidays, working for a promotion or bonus or throwing ourselves into hobbies at the weekends may make us feel better momentarily, but you'll soon find yourself looking for the next pick-me-up if the job you're doing isn't for you. 

If this sounds like you, here are five reasons why you might be feeling like this. It's never too late to start making changes to feel better and create a life that makes you feel more.... you!

1. You're not connected with your purpose.

When you're doing something that you love, that you're interested and passionate about, it's so much easier. You achieve a state of flow, you're excited to earn new things and your daily tasks are much less of a chore. You work with purpose each day, excited and fulfilled by the work itself, regardless of the pay check.

Feeling as though you're stuck in the wrong job is tiring. The effort that it takes to continue going through the motions with little passion soon takes its toll and is one of the most common reasons for feeling stuck in a rut. 


2. You're not realising your potential.

 Not doing what you love is one thing, but not stretching yourself and doing work that you can feel proud of is another. Consistently working below your potential becomes demotivating after a while, and you need to be challenged.

There's nothing easy about working to your potential- you'll need resilience, persistence and discipline to stay the course, but the effort the goes in just makes the prize even sweeter. 


3. You're not making an impact

People have a deep desire to be needed and to make a difference. Feeling like your impact is just one drop in the ocean is demoralising, but seeing the small impacts that your work or your efforts make can give you a massive boost. 

If it's not always possible to make an impact in your job, see where else your effort can make a difference. Volunteering, fundraising or even going out of your way to help a friend or a neighbour is a great way to make an impact on your community.


4. You're not taking responsibility 

Anything that's your responsibility, you have the control to change. If your situation is someone else's fault, then you have no control over it. Once you take back control, you realise that you have the power to make things go differently. 

Pay attention to how often you say 'that's not my fault' or 'I can't do anything about it' and even 'he/she keeps doing this to me'. Each time, look at the situation objectively and see which parts of it you could have done differently. That's where your control is.


5. You're putting yourself under too much pressure.

Self doubt, discouraging self-talk and self imposed responsibilities drag you down. Try to catch yourself when you're talking yourself down. It's much easier to believe that you can't than having the courage to try, but just a little leap of faith pays dividends.

The world has many problems, but it's not up to you to solve every one of them. Giving up a little control and pressure of responsibility can take such a weight off you. Choose your battles, and try to take life less seriously. You might even start to have some fun!


6. You're not focused on the present.

Being stuck in the grip of pain from the past can stop you from moving forwards as much as stressing about the future. Try to stay focused on the present and deal with things as they come, then let them go. 


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