Want support to figure out the Work Life you really want and bring it to life?  

Our Wellbeing CHOICES™ at Work Workshop Series delivers work and life fulfilment and balance to individuals and teams in the workplace and co - working spaces

Do you want a work life that makes you feel...

Clear and on Purpose

You have clarity and choose the best work life vision for you, that you find inspiring and uses your gifts and talents to make an impact with fun and ease.

Energised and Well

You're energised physically, spiritually and mentally and have self care habits in place to sustain that. You know what you need personally to be well.

Confident and in Control

You not only have a clear path, you feel confident and have the right mindset to find the opportunities you're looking for. You are living a life on your terms and that lights you up.

Supported and Focused

You are not trying to do it on your own, and are connected to a group of like-minded people and a team of experts to support you to take action to live well, work well and thrive together.

The Old Way:

Mental Health Pandemic

  • Indecisive, unsure and in limbo
  • No work/life balance 
  • Loss of motivation
  • Reduced performance at work: busy vs productive
  • Decreased satisfaction: feeling unfulfilled, bored, stuck in a rut
  • Work is something I have to do
  • Detached, feeling alone in the world
  • Increasingly cynical and negative outlook
  • Sense of failure and self doubt
  • High levels of anxiety
  • Your relationships suffering 
  • Poor choices: falling into destructive habits - drinking, poor diet, no exercise

The New Way:

Work Life Revolution

  • Know what you want and go get it
  • I have work/life balance
  • I create my own Work Life Rules
  • I am a priority: My wellbeing is vital
  • I feel better: I'm balanced, confident, connected to myself & make better choices. I have a positive outlook and i am excited about the future. I have more energy.
  • I work better: Work is something I want to do. I'm more productive, motivated & creative. I believe in what I do and the value I contirbute. I have more focus.
  • I live better: I make healthier choices & have better relationships as a result. I love where I live, work and play. I have more happiness in my life.
  • We all thrive together: I'm part of a supportive community, growing and thriving together. I have more support in all areas of my work and life.
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Meet Alexandra Worsley, our Founder and Head Coach

"I don't just teach this method, I live it. I know what it feels like to feel lost and unfulfilled. The coaching and methods that are in this series are ones I have used to transform my own life and career and I have been sharing them with others since 2014. 

With 2 decades in the Wellbeing and Personal Development Industry and an Award-Winning Wellbeing Centre behind me, I am using a blend of proven methods to support your whole self through this transformative experience. To help you to take control and to create solid foundations and a roadmap to your ideal working life. Your own personalised REVOLUTION awaits. This is what one of my most recent clients said;

"Alex is someone you just want to be around all the time. She is so passionate, intuitive, insightful and offers such practical advice along side her coaching questions. This workshop series and her support has been my catalyst for change.  After just one session it gave me instant relief for my anxiety and the springboard I need to launch and design my new beginning. I know I am in safe hands and have the right support now to expand into my full potential" - Katy, Business Owner.

There is a new way to be successful without burnout. A soft power that when you learn how to master - it ripples out into your work and life.  

The solution is in Wellbeing CHOICES™ at Work. 

We support you to thrive with our 4 part workshop series and framework.


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"Wellbeing Choices at Work are a must for everyone - everyone needs it! Its given me the space to work out what I want out of my career and life and the confidence and steps to go for it. I start my new job next month and I am so much happier and healthier"

- Jen, NHS