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The Work Life Revolution™ is rewriting the rule book on your work and life, helping people to create a work day that you don't need to recover from. A life that lights you up and feels sooooooo good!

Do you want to:

  • stop having to figure things out on your own 
  • be more confident and master the mindset to face challenges head on and believe in yourself
  • own what you want to do and believe in it - not need approval or reassurance from others because you are in your power
  • stop moulding self to fit in, be unapologetically you
  • have time for yourself to work out “who I am” and “what I truly want”
  • be around a group of people who share your passion to make an impact in the world and live in a new way so you can let go of fearful people around you who want to keep you as you are
  • bring to life what you know you have inside you


  • be part of a group where the leader is real and authentic, walks her talk and has been through many transformational journey’s like the one you are embarking on
  • have success in your work life with more ease and to find your own unique rhythm avoiding stress and burnout
  • ignite the fire in your belly and be clear on your purpose and direction
  • work from a place of innate natural energy, so you don't have to force or exhaust yourself
  • eliminate things in your life that no longer bring you happiness or pleasure
  • get paid more for what you really love doing

The Old Way:

Mental Health Pandemic

  • Indecisive
  • No work/life balance 
  • Loss of motivation
  • Reduced performance at work: busy vs productive
  • Decreased satisfaction: feeling unfulfilled, bored, stuck in a rut
  • Work is something I have to do
  • Detached, feeling alone in the world
  • Increasingly cynical and negative outlook
  • Sense of failure and self doubt
  • High levels of anxiety
  • Your relationships suffering 
  • Poor choices: falling into destructive habits - drinking, poor diet, no exercise

The New Way:

Work Life Revolution

  • So clear about what I do and where I am going in my career
  • I do it with Work Life balance
  • I create my own Work Life Rules
  • I am a priority: My wellbeing is vital
  • I feel better: I'm balanced, confident, connected to myself & make better choices. I have a positive outlook and I am excited about the future. I have more energy.
  • I work better: Work is something I want to do. I'm more productive, motivated & creative. I believe in what I do and the value I contribute. I have more focus.
  • I live better: I make healthier choices & have better relationships as a result. I love where I live, work and play. I have more happiness in my life.
  • We all thrive together: I'm part of a supportive community, growing and thriving together. I have more support in all areas of my work and life.

At the end of this course you will be:

DECISIVE: taking ACTION on a clear VISION and strategy for where you want your work life to go

PRACTISING GOOD SELF CARE: using foundational health and wellbeing practises to support and balance your ENERGY to enable you to fuel your vision with ease

FEEL TOTALLY SUPPORTED AND GUIDED: by a dedicated and passionate coach to help you optimise you and your environment

CONFIDENT: in what you do and where you are going using key MINDSET tools for creating success

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How the programme works:


10 weekly group calls. Based on our 4 part framework we teach you tools and "the new way" concepts to support yourself to bringing your Work Life Vision to life. It is about learning to build success with ease and defining your own work life revolution.


Two 1:1 coaching sessions with Alex will help to define your own clear vision and what your unique new path looks like. You will have the support to take action on your goals and intentions and build confidence.


Work with Alex and learn tips from some of the experts she loves, who all have lived their own transformational journey and practice what they preach. Trust in them as they help you develop trust in yourself. This is a safe and loving space to be real, honest and true.

Are you ready to change your work life?

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