Want to improve your wellbeing?

Need some inspiration, encouragement and accountability to do some more self care?


I believe your business is an extension of you. I also see it that is our responsibility as leaders to use our businesses as a force for good, for transforming our  culture from surviving to thriving and to lead the way for our planet to do the same.

Taking care of yourself, being well, supports you to innovate, get more creative, develop your instinct, intuition and emotional agility that running your own business asks for. Getting in touch with your mind body and soul to build a better business.

Option 1: A 5 day mini "Refresh" challenge it will help you:


  • To increase your sense of calm in challenging times
  • Stop and listen to your bodies needs and know what to do to bring you back to balance
  • To create be inspired to practise more self-care everyday
  • Help you react to stressful events proportionally
  • To become more self aware and clear on what is important to you and begin to create type of work/life you want to create

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You'll receive access to the course content via your own personal portal so you can continue after the challenge has finished

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Option 2: 7 day mini course that you can do at your own pace and in your own time.

Working on your well-being unlocks more energy, creativity, and clear thinking. 

In this mini course there are some easy to introduce steps for your mind, body and setting up your environment to support you better.

  • Exercises to help you focused and energised
  • Mood boosting tips
  • How to create better desk posture
  • A few easy recipes for boosting your immune system
  • List of supplement resources 

There's never been such a wake up call to take charge of our wellbeing and we are facing a very real issue with maintaining our mental health and physical wellbeing and I on the case and here to help you rise above it and adjust and adapt. In this mini course I share some of my tricks of the trade with 18+ years (and counting!) learning and training in all sorts I often get asked what are your 5 go to must haves... now you can get them here.

This is a great first step to take you and your business to the next - level. 

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Meet Alexandra Worsley,

"Courage Coach" and Life and Business Alchemist

I know what it takes to transform your business and life, I know because I have been there. I have had some great success, but my biggest wins have come from the businesses that have not been, they have taught me the most and lead me to my life's purpose and where I am meant to be today - helping you.

I have been in business and the wellbeing industry for over 18 years. Combining all my experience to create Life and Business Alchemy.

What you need is:

  • a roadmap
  • a guide, someone who's been in your shoes to help you point out where you are going wrong and guide you down a new path
  • love, encouragement and accountability to see things through to make the transformation you need to make and stop you falling back into old habits/ways

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Your personalised Work Life Revolution awaits.

"There is a new way to be successful without burnout. A soft power that when you learn how to master - it ripples out into your work and life. " Alexandra Worsley


"Wellbeing Choices at Work are a must for everyone - everyone needs it! Its given me the space to work out what I want out of my career and life and the confidence and steps to go for it. I start my new job next month and I am so much happier and healthier"

- Jen, NHS