A staggering 85% of us are unhappy in our work lives and struggling with balancing personal and professional life. Burnout is on the rise and we are needing to learn a new way to work and live but where do you start? Its time to make better choices and live a more balanced life. The Work Life Revolution™️ is on a mission and here to help.

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Feel good, every day.

If we're going to spend a third of our lives at work, how can we make those hours enrich our lives rather than drain us? 


Alexandra Worsley, Founder and Work Life Revolutionist

"Over the last 17 years in the wellbeing industry, I’ve worked with thousands of people who feel like there’s something missing in their life.

I’ve been there myself after realising the path I was on was no not serving me. I’ve invested six figures in training and years of hard work into my own personal development to find the solutions that I have to support others take the steps I have too. I'm not perfect but I do feel good most days, in fact I know that I am 86% of the way there. You can take our test too, by clicking the link below to find out where you are at!

The passion that has come out of all of this work for me is the absolute belief that everyone deserves to live a life full of meaning, to go to work feeling energised and inspired and confident in the impact that they’re making in the world. Showing up and serving the world in a way that doesn’t feel like work, and feeling valued and compensated should be the norm.

It’s the stories that we grow up with that make us follow the same path as everyone else and it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee - what feels like a full life to one person may feel empty to the next. But knowing how to seek our what’s right for you and pursue it is the challenge. And I want to see you all thrive.

The Work Life Revolution was born to help people access the support and training they need in order to live full, and meaningful lives. To live well, work well and thrive together. The time is now. are you ready to join us? " 

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More about Alexandra Worsley

Coach, mentor, writer and speaker, Alexandra Worsley is an award winning wellbeing expert. For more information about how Alexandra can support you individually or for your company's upcoming health and wellbeing event, get in touch.

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"Alex has revolutionised the engagement of members at our co-working space with her wellbeing events. The knowledge and experience she brings, using science and explaining the why behind some of the exercises and tips really helps. She inspires me to want to create my best life too"


-Amy, Avenue HQ, Liverpool.